Using the medium of a piece of paper and the multi-step layering process of painting gold leaf, I find myself with boundaries, structure and depth, allowing me to complete the next flash of inspiration along my journey.


The First Piece

The First Piece

Gold leaf - Gold - Art - Flower- Pink-Green - By Christykruse - Fine Art.jpg

The first piece that I printed, using and innovative technique, I saw my whole future life flash in front of me.  This was it, this is what I was supposed to do.

Well that's true and not true. It was an accident during an evening of artistic, experimental bliss.  It was then that my love for photography and art blossomed (quite literally) to become little sparks of my soul.

Shortly after, I created a series and had a little show at a coffee shop in Redmond, Washington.  Almost all of the pieces sold, and I was flooded with deep satisfaction and validation that "this was really something".  Not just for me but for those who fell in love with my pieces.

It was in the years following, that lifetimes of loss, grief, love, struggle, moving, bliss, and all of the dark and light of this world broke me into pieces and I started to become a new whole. Somewhere in there is when I printed The First Piece. The first piece of the new me. My new life of learning to embrace all of the good with all of the bad.

I choose to use my signature of The First Piece as my logo. It feels almost as if I were signing a contract to myself, committing to be true, to grow, to be vulnerable, and create from here on out.

Cosmos Series

Cosmos Series