Is each piece of artwork original?

Yes. The gold leaf is hand applied to each individual piece in a multi-step layering process making each one an original work of art. If there is a sold piece or collection desired, a custom work using the same image(s) can be created. Due to the unpredictable nature of the gold, the newly created piece or pieces will have their own character and unique imperfections. 

Is all photography your own work?

Yes. I have been fascinated with and practicing different forms of photography since I was a very young girl. I found my fathers Pentax K1000 and was hooked from the moment I looked through the viewfinder. Some images I have taken recently, and some are from years and years ago. I find it rewarding to use my pictures from childhood or different stages of my life to create completed works. As if I started a piece of art so long ago and it is now finding its completion and finding its meant-to-be-home. 

Do you have other sizes available?

Yes. I work in 4 different paper sizes; small 4x6, medium 8.5x11, large 13x19 and extra large 17x21. Most images can be converted into a different size. The mat and frame complete the image and can become many different finished sizes.

Can you take my photo and make it into a golden piece of art?/ I have a subject that I would like to have a gold leaf image or series made of. Is this something you can do?

If you have a subject you would like photographed for a gold leaf series of your own, or have an image you would like to turn into a gold leaf for a unique piece of art, send me an email. I am interested in commission works, and preserving memories. Especially those with deeper meaning.