Christy Kruse is an artist originally from Seattle, WA. She always loved drawing and photography from a young age. She studied fine arts at the University of South Australia, the Academy of Art University in San Fransisco, and the University of Washington where she completed the Scientific Illustration Program. Her photography has been published in Black & White Magazine. Christy has displayed her work at the Burke Museum in Seattle, WA  and received a second place award on the DP Challenge for "Night Snow Ferry". Her work is currently on display at the Schack Art Gallery in Everett, WA. She lives with her husband, 4 year old son and 1 year old daughter in a home near Seattle where she can be found tending to her garden, taking pictures and enjoying her family.


Every piece begins begins with my original photograph and every piece has an application of gold leaf. The gold is applied like paint then cured for several days. When an image is printed on the gold, the results are a union of two works of art; one light and one dark, each with its own hidden beauty. It is my hope that those who experience my work will be inspired to appreciate both the dark and the light in life.


More About Christy

A significant portion of my adult life has been surrounded by death and grief from the loss of my father and then my son, the identical twin of my surviving son. The dance between sorrow and joy was deep and endless.

I realized that these tragedies that almost destroyed me, were driving my quest to seek out everything good and beautiful. The beauty that surrounded me was divine, and it awakened my spirit. The unequivocal and absolute beauty that enveloped my world was what fueled my art, what fueled my spirit, and kept me going.

My process is a multi-step rhythmic dance of applying liquid adhesive, gold leaf, and surface mediums in a painterly way, and then I print directly on the surfaces I create. The image and the gold marry together and form the feeling that I want to inspire. The process is completed with a finish of protective sealer and frame to keep the surfaces untouched. The depth and light of the gold leaf enhance the beauty of the subject matter, and each layer becomes a statement of art in and of itself.

My subjects and intentions have always remained the same, to capture life. That brief moment when you are looking into the window of the soul, observing something sacred. It can be seen throughout nature, flowers, landscapes, animals, and human beings. I have a particularly deep seeded fascination with the desert. I spent a large part of my childhood in Eastern Washington along the Columbia River, and as an adult I continue to spend a majority of my free time there hunting, foraging, photographing and soaking in inspiration. The abandoned homesteads, antique equipment and bare hills being swept away with passing time, evoke peace, mystery and a harsh reality that is beautiful and to be respected.

I am forever inspired by the grace of God. Knowing that the beauty of this world is His. The beauty I capture does not belong to me, and allows for me to continuously receive inspiration freely. I truly delight in my work and the process, and appreciate the real maker. This fills me with a sense of gratitude and fulfillment. Passing these creations on to others in hopes that the wonder they contain will inspire and challenge us to see the depth and dimension of the world around us.

The materials I work with are paper, glue, gold leaf, gel medium, an inkjet printer, and film or digital photographs that I have taken recently or long ago.